Hi! nice meeting you here!

I’m a designer and artist based in Canada studying Global Business and Digital Arts with a minor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Waterloo. I like to explore the intersection of business, UX design, technology, and education/training.

I am looking for opportunities that can further refine my interests in learner-centered systems. I look forward to building new and needed interdisciplinary paths in the near future as I collaborate with wonderful minds around the world.

Besides university, I create abstract illustrations for print and product design as well as craft with various media. You can check out my works in Projects and perhaps even grab something that catches your eye from my Shop!

For the past 3 years, I’ve been volunteering in student organizations and participating in hackathons. Some things I’m passionate about are arts and crafts, astronomy, reading, and self-studying languages. In my free time, you’d catch me ice skating, photographing moments out of the blue, and organizing my life through excel spreadsheets.


Director @ CUBE

Marketing & Recruitment Assistant @ Renison

The Little Things About Me​

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Follow me on my socials to see my ongoing projects and get neat study tips and tricks or contact me through my email for any questions or opportunities!

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