Media Art

Documentary Film
9:38 - Adobe Premiere Pro

W-I-N! Let’s meet UWaterloo’s very own Cheerleading Team!

Documentary Film
6:31 - Adobe Premiere Pro

Meet KW’s Mural Artist, Stephanie Scott

2:10 - Adobe Audition

Close your eyes and feel the moment.

Kinetic Typography Reel
0:30 - Adobe After Effects

What’s the impact of climate change?

Silent Short Film
0:59 - Adobe Premiere Pro

What do you feel?

Photography Series

Landscapes & Skies

2015 - 2021

A series of photos of the city and the sky.

Photography Series


2017 - 2021

A series of photos of cats around the world.

Photography Series


2019 - 2021

A series of photos of the moon over years.

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