AK Logo Design​

Branding • Illustration
Feb 2022 – 2 weeks

For my first branding project, I chose to design my own logo. The primary inspiration of the logo is a cube. Seeing how I wanted a colored logo as an identity, I wanted to choose a color that encompasses the integrity of me as an artist. Purple did that brilliantly, the warmer tones indicate youth and creativity, and the cooler tones show wisdom and ambition. 

Color Scheme

As for the logo, I had considered curves as well but it didn’t seem to fit the concept of growth & fulfillment in any way. I wanted the square shape of it to depict a canvas, but it wasn’t conveying the message as it was too flat, so I settled on a cube. It was a square but with dimensions. 

Preliminary Logo Sketches
Final Logo

The dimensions combined with the two tones gave a sense of depth & sophistication showing that there’s always more to a picture than it may seem. The overall presentation give off a sense of determination, integrity, and a very focused outlook on life. Along with the logo design, I mad a couple of mockups to display how the logo would look on products.

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