Team Hackathon Project

“Hold on.. how does that even work??”

Have you ever had a thought that struck you out the blue that made you go look it up that instant? Well, you’re just as a curious person as us! Research shows that as people get older, their creativity and willingness to learn new things wanes. Think back to when you were a kid. You were probably asking questions all the time as you learned how the world works. As a child, simply not knowing why something is is enough to spark curiosity. However, as adults, curiosity is much harder to come by, which can make the learning process unenjoyable. Our team wanted to design a calming experience that helps you learn about everything, one thing at a time, all while building a whole virtual world unique to you!


UX Researcher & UI/UX Designer


Mar 2023
39 hours



Team of 4

(overlapping roles)
4 UX Researchers
3 UI/UX Designers
1 Illustrator


How do we create an experience that sparks curiosity, self-reflection, and experimentation to enhance learning & discovery?


Myla is an interactive community-based app that encourages users to question their surroundings and ask questions while building a virtual world using reward points.

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