Shards Cover Design

Cover Design • Illustration
Dec 2017

Shards cover design was one of my most unexpected projects that I got to do. I had in interest in book cover design and often bought books solely for their cover (yes, I might judge if you have an ugly cover for your book), but I did not see an anthology becoming my first official work.

The poetry collection follows several dark themes and messages, so making its cover illustration was quite satisfying when I had finally settled on a suitable design for the story. To accompany with the book, I also designed two contrasting bookmarks as exclusive gifts for readers.

Design Process


This girl,
is shattered
and broken.

she fights back
to rise
and reform.

This is 
Her journey…
Her Shards…

Final Product

The cover depicts suspended pieces of glass shards directly depicted the title and plot. The reflection in the pieces bringing attention to the light at the end of the long journey despite being enshrouded in darkness at the moment. The contrasting bookmark depicts the opposite scenario after the story has been concluded, mostly white with bits of black, still healing.

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